Why you should consider renovating your office


Renovating an office, when done correctly, can have a huge impact on productivity and satisfaction amongst workers. 67% of office workers say they dislike sitting at work, and 85% say they regularly take breaks to get some relief from sitting.

A renovated or newly constructed office is one of the best ways to recruit new employees and retain the ones you already have. Workers are looking for modern places to work. They want a place where they know they will be comfortable each day and will not have to deal with old technology that slows work.

In a survey done by Undercover Recruiter, 54% of respondents said that the interview setting of a company is a determining factor when choosing a job. 59% of millennials say employee-provisioned, state-of-the art tech is one of the most important features to them when considering a job

Modern offices should have a feeling of openness, ample space to work, promote collaboration, and have up to date technology to ensure everything runs smoothly. Job applicants are looking for a comfortable, flexible place to work. They want natural lighting, collaborative spaces, adjustable desks and more.

The four biggest factors in your office are having integrated technology, workplace wellness, flexible workspaces, and work-life integration.

Your office should be a place that your workers enjoy going into everyday that they work.

Ready to make the change?


Jeannine Rossignol